-What To Do- Wednesday

The overwhelming feeling of “what do I do” this evening when the past 3 years I have been watching Chicago Cubs playoff baseball on a night like this.  There is some mixed emotions involved with this.  First, I can fall into the bleh feeling and refuse to watch any of the playoff games because of feelings of spite and “we should be there”.  But honestly I know that I had been put out of misery by the Cubs early exit this year.  I have also figured out a more productive way to look at the playoffs.  Watch,  make a list of all the free agents that are playing deep into the fall and then cross reference that list with my wishlist.  If they appear on my wishlist, cross them off.  Sounds crazy right?  Or does it?  The Chicago Cubs alone have experienced the hang overs of players that are coming off  extended previous seasons.  And if you think the folks who are shopping for pieces needed for 2019 are not considering that, you are not paying attention.

But back to how we were put out of our misery.  The list of things that didn’t go our way this season is long and not something I want to hash out……again.  We know.  We watched, we crossed our fingers, toes, arms, legs hoping, praying that something would give and magically our offense would show up one day the way we remembered it from the first half of the season.  That never happened.  And let’s not kid ourselves to believe it would have appeared versus an el fuego Milwaukee team that cannot lose (seriously, they have not lost since September 22nd).  Say by chance, we would have won the division, made a little rumble against Milwaukee in the NLDS maybe winning a couple (and that is being very generous) before being eliminated.  Another off season of wondering when the front office would begin to take our offensive inefficiencies serious is what we would have had in our future.  Now, there is way more dissecting and analyzing why players being kept as part of the core, are under producing and overvalued.  The front office is going to show up in a big way this off season, unlike our offense in the second half of the season, as frustrating as it was to watch, it will make the biggest impact on what the Chicago Cubs roster looks like for 2019.  Our pitching however did show up, along with the help of some great trade deadline pieces (2 of which I hope are back in Cubs uniforms in 2019, Chavez and Hamels).  I know the hesitation in fans wanting to give these 2 any sizable money based on money spent on players like Duensing, who looked so promising.  All signs show the Cubs should be able to work inexpensive contracts with both guys, especially because both have been pretty vocal about wanting to be back next year.  And obviously the huge debate lately has been Harper or Machado.  If you are any kind of baseball fan, you want both and for different reasons.  If you have been paying attention to their careers, as a CUBS fan, you will be happy if the Cubs are able to sign either.  I have my reasons for wanting one more than the other but because I feel like the Cubs are going to start unloading some of the guys that aren’t producing, I think the need of which superstar at which position will shift.  But as someone who has watched both players for some time, I will be thrilled if we are able to get either.

Lastly, I want to throw in a couple personal notes.  I am grateful to be a part of this community of Chicago Cubs social media presence thru the Ivy Boys website.  I know I am not yet a part of it the way I would like to be but I am still out here, making friends, posting tweets, and being on The Chipper and Bryz podcast show (that now has a few more listeners).  I don’t claim to be anything other than a fan that has been watching and studying this team and game for a long time.  And I appreciate that people recognize me as someone who mostly knows what they are talking about, someone who knows some things.  I am thankful for the banter, the back-up, the support, the love, the friendships (twitter and twitter made real life), I’ve made along the way.  This was my second full baseball season of writing and podcasting and I hope that as long as I am still doing this, a few of you will still love reading and listening.  Thank you for all of your support, it keeps me going!  Until next time………..Bryz


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