Theres Some People

There’s some people in this world that you just are drawn to, whether personally or at a distance. For me, this person is Carl Edwards Jr. Now I am not friends with him, I couldn’t even tell you that much about him other than he looks like he’s 15 and he probably weighs a buck fifty wet. But wow, that little guy packs a punch and if you know anything about the reason he runs around like a crazy person with the W flag, you would fall in love with him too. I have read this story on Players Tribune a number of times and my eyes haven’t stayed dried yet. I get choked up just picturing a kid version of CJ running around with a best friend he would lose his senior year of high school. Waaaaay too soon. This friend, was his catcher in summer leagues all the way thru high school and the reason he picked Charleston Southern as where he would attend college. I’ll let you read the story and without ruining too much, let’s just say CJ never made it to Charleston Southern. What he has done is stolen the hearts of many Cubs fans and the confidence of the most important person in his career right now, Joe Maddon. Back in February I remember reading his role was definitely in question with the signing of Wade Davis and there were other question marks mentioned with how he would be used in late innings. I am well aware of the fact we are 3 games in to the 2017 season but with some late inning heroics (and 2 huge strike outs) in the 8th inning of the series winning game against our arch rival, he may have secured a regular role in our bullpen. At a mere 25 years of age this “String Bean Slinger” as affectionately nick named in the minors isn’t arbitration eligible until 2020. With the veteran leaders we have on this team this makes me truly excited on where this kid can go. He may not be well known (yet) or recognized out in public but his presence on the mound is unmistakable and he is yet another rising star on this roster. He will forever have a place in my world, on opening day in St Louis when the reigning world series champion Chicago cubs opened their season in St Louis, Carl Edwards Jr pointed at me 13 rows off the field and threw me his warm up ball. Forever a kid at heart admiring and appreciating what this other kid did for our team and our city, and how high and proud this kid holds that W……. Until next time. ~~Bryz

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