Some Brutal Honesty

I have started no less than 10 blogs in the past 4 weeks.  I have had a hard time staying motivated, finishing and posting (obviously) and I am going to be brutally honest why.  I have been on a roller coaster of emotion regarding this 2019 Chicago Cubs team. Does that make me a bad fan? Some of you might think so.  But I don’t. It makes me someone who has come to expect certain things from the people at the helm of this franchise. It makes me someone who sees a window of opportunity slowing closing when there are so many things that could be done to hold it open a little bit longer.  It makes me someone that absolutely dreads going back to that place that I, as a lifelong Cubs fan, knows all too well. Disappointment. Frustration. Despair. Am I being super dramatic right now? Maybe. But I am also being a realist. We have the opportunity to be a team that makes its mark on baseball for a long time to come.  The talent is there, but the dominance is not. Could it be? We shall see. But to be told by ownership that the money isn’t there to add another piece that would a.) address a glaring weakness and b.) put us over the threshold to be a clear favorite, is insulting. We deserve better. Now if you’ve read me before, you know I am the silver lining girl, the point of positivity at our darkest hour.  Don’t worry, I haven’t walked out just yet. There is plenty to be excited about. This team has a ton of potential. But the ‘what ifs’ need to fall in our direction this year, and they very well could. But the opportunity to be great and get rid of a couple ‘what ifs’ is staring us in the face and we are doing nothing. There are a few things that have made me feel better about things, and I won’t mention them just yet because it’s spring training and it probably doesn’t really matter.  But it feels good knowing that our fan base isn’t the only questioning the moves (or lack thereof), of our team’s front office. Just know that real baseball is around the corner and when it finally arrives, I will be that giddy kid at Christmas that you all have become accustomed to. Until next time……………………..Bryz.

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