Showy Javy

Welcome World Baseball Classic to the stylings of Javier Baez’s defense. And enter the Javier Baez antics.

Or are they? Dear Lord, imagine if Starlin Castro would have pulled the celebration before the tag like Javy did the other night in the World Baseball Classic (where Nelson Cruz attempted to steal a base on the catcher tagger combo of Yadier Molina and Javier Baez). Apparently Nelson was golfing for much of October and November when Javy was making some of the most ridiculous tags ESPN has ever highlighted. And Yadier wasn’t even the one throwing the ball then (I am just as surprised as you are that I have talked about a “that team” player twice already in this piece). Listen. I am hard on young players, like really hard. I don’t like bat flipping, or showing any one up but I get it, it’s what the game is turning into and it’s entertainment. I love the players that earn our respect by making outstanding plays, hitting clutch homeruns, sacrificing for the sake of the team, ready to do just about anything to win. That is Javy. He is amazing. He makes plays well after you have assumed it was a hit. He has dazzled the world of baseball with his playing and his 60 watt smile. He can celebrate whenever he wants to. Like right now, if he wants. I love to see his emotion, sometimes it’s when he hacks at a strike so hard you think he has definitely hurt his back and other times when he runs down a ball up the middle and makes an off balance throw to get his runner with a half step to spare. He has earned the right to celebrate before he makes an out. And anyone that doesn’t think so….. Please YouTube Javier Baez 2016 playoff defensive highlights. And these are just during the playoffs people. Until next time…. GO CUBS GO!!!!



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