Questionable Relief

Well wish I could say that I didn’t know this feeling that I have right now. That I never knew such a great feeling of accomplishment and victory could be so closely followed by the emptiness of the what ifs and the should haves. If you have been a Cubs fan for an amount of time that ends in years, then this was not your first time. Nor will it be your last. I am a bit embarrassed to say I felt so comfortable with Lester on the mound that I had this win in the bag at 4-1. Yes foolish I know. I am not convinced by this Nationals team but nor am I convinced by our Cubs team either. The Nationals were extremely beatable this entire series and mostly because health continues to be a factor for then. And if we can’t take advantage of that at this point in the season we better figure it out pretty quick because if we are planning a trip deep into the playoffs, that trip travels through Washington. I am not a sky is falling type. I always think very carefully about wishing players would be traded or dealt because I am upset with their performance. But there is a disturbing trend with the way our middle relievers are being used. If I have learned anything since Joe took over its to step back and look at something a different way then I normally would. So here goes….
Maybe Joe went to CJ today because he needs a boost. Maybe CJ has been beating himself up has zero confidence and his mental state is effecting how he is performing. I believe in baseball they call that the “yips” (Rick Ankiel spoke at a work function about this, look it up very interesting). These things can ruin a career. And CJ has been thru a lot to be where he is, you can tell this when he has a huge strikeout and screams at the sky while walking off the mound. That intensity and emotion doesn’t ooze out of everyone. So I am choosing to believe Joe did what he did to get CJ back on track. As much as we hate this loss, it’s just a loss. A regular season loss. Not a wild card game, not a division series, just a regular season loss. While a series win would have been huge against our projected first round opponent, it doesn’t really decide anything. To be perfectly honest, I hope the Cubs team the Nationals play first round has a completely different approach, including packing their offense, good eyes and those who have the hot hand in relief are getting the ball when they deserve it. Until next time………Bryz

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