Pump The Brakes On The Panic Bus

So natural reaction of spoiled 2016 ws champion fans would be to say “I knew we couldn’t do it 2 years in a row”. “Our bullpen sucks”, “Our offense is so hot and cold”, Please before we run the panic bus right into lake Michigan (or the Mississippi if you’re driving the bus in good ole St Louis) take a breath. And try not to let the fact that you’re reading yet another “please don’t panic” write up on this 3rd Monday of this early 2017 baseball season alarm you. There have been some really bright spots that are being played down or overshadowed by the non sense our bullpen has been pulling. Albert Almora Jr already has a gold glove in my book (and Cory Sieger would probably agree) and Jason Heyward is looking like a confident hitter. Not a hopeful batter. There is a big difference. Our starting pitching looks strong with strokes of dominance. Everyone is starting in a much different place than last year including we the fans. All in all I think it’s important to remember that this is the 3rd week of baseball and this is a long season. It could be worse, it can always be worse.

Some random thoughts.

-Mike Matheny putting Matt Adams in the outfield was compared to Joe Maddon putting Schwarber in left field on St Louis sports radio, I will let you guess how that went.

-Dexter Fowler has had a very rough start to the season and folks are not excited about him right now, does anyone else feel like maybe he and Heyward switched roles with fans?

-Does anyone else kinda wish Travis Wood would have missed his flight back to Kansas City…… Permanently?

-Happ is gaining a ton of attention in the minors in this very early season already. It’s been said he is getting some time at 3rd to increase his versatility. But where does that put him in the situation of getting promoted? We are kinda set at 3rd, no?

-I read an article that states sometimes when you think you have a ton of something you actually have none. Anyone think of our bullpen when you read that statement?

Until next timeā€¦.~~~Bryz

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