Power Of The Person

If you’ve listened to episode 6 of the Ivy Boys podcast then you know how I feel about Dexter Fowler, or lack there of. In case you are waiting yet another day (you know who you are) to check out our awesomeness, I will give you the cliff notes. I. MISS. THAT. GUY. I can’t really explain how I felt the first time I read rumors of his departure to the dark side right around mid last season. Somewhere in between confusion, sadness, betrayal, anger and relief. I have reasons for each of these and some of those reasons haven’t become clear until just recently. Fowler, who offers some amazing intangible assets also is not as young as he used to be. He will play some exciting centerfield defense largely in part to him taking 2 steps back literally, last season. In 2015 his defense was widely criticized and was no where near the 2016 defender he became. He decided that his approach moving forward was a lot quicker than backward, so he decided to start 2 steps further out in centerfield, which made all the difference. Offensively, last year was a pretty down the middle year for him. He was the lead off guy they coined the phrase “you go we go” around, (someone better hurry and patent that before we see a flurry of red shirts with that slogan). He is and will be a huge tone setter for that team and I’m happy he got his pay day. He is an amazing teammate and friend (he gives the best gifts) and if you follow his Instagram or his wife’s Instagram then you probably have a good idea of what kind of husband and father he is too. He will be missed. But. I have learned that I have to quickly move on from losing players I love. Mark Grace, Mark Grudzielanik, Jeff Samardzjia, Brian Urlacher, Derrick Rose, Joakim Noah, Kyle Korver…. You get my point. And this year, I’m going to take a moment on Sunday, opening night, to let myself wish Fowler was being booed by the folks in red, and then I’m going to quickly be done with that. We have a platoon in centerfield that I am so excited to see, offensively and defensively (remember Almora’s catch in San Francisco?). Everything has a way of working itself out, someone will step up and be the larger than life personality Fowler was in the clubhouse as well as a natural leader. I’m also hoping Albert Almora Jr will be sending Dex a thank you gift from Florida come July 11th. Until next time….. Go Cubs Go!


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