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I apologize for the absence, but there are a couple smaller humans who really rely on me to do a lot and the end of the school year is like the mom final exam, I don’t know if I passed but man am I glad to be done. And now back to baseball……

Ok, so where to begin. The game of baseball is moody. Its unpredictable, and if you become too sure of anything, it’s going to make you look not very smart. I am currently enjoying the Cubs with a 4 game winning streak in their back pockets, winning in the top of the 7th inning against a now lukewarm Marlins team. I am also not going to lie about how I have chuckled a bit at the expense of the Redbirds for giving up 4 home runs to Scooter Genette, in yet another loss. I refuse to discuss another pretty awesome performance that is going on, but I am betting before I am done with this piece, I will be able to comment on it.

I was able to enjoy this past Saturday’s Cubs win against the Cardinals, live and in living color. I drank a beer at Murphy’s Bleachers, I watched the first pitch, got cheer with about 40,000 of my closest friends when Kyle Schwarber hit a grand slam to give the Cubs the lead (which they would never relinquish) and I even shook hands and gracious thanked the one and only Tom Ricketts (and have the selfie to prove it). I cried as I first stepped foot inside the friendly confines, as it was the first time I had done so with my team being World Champs. And in the spirit of my all those who couldn’t that day, I had a single Old Style beer. It was heavenly. And I replay these moments over and over in my head, and I am so thankful. Baseball can be a gift and it was for me that day.

But when the game is moody and you are not on its good side, it can be so painful. You think for a couple minutes that we were on that side of baseball even say a week ago? Try being the Cardinals. Now look, I can already hear the rumblings of those of you who want no part of this conversation and trust me when I say I don’t blame you. I won’t even go as in depth with what I really want to say at the sake of not losing the majority of my audience. Lets just say, I will take being a Cubs fan cheering for a good team who is struggling over being a fan of any other team who is mediocre and struggling in just about every aspect of the game. Think about it, there is a huge difference. I have no sympathy because too many people tend to have pre World Series amnesia and forget that we cheered for that team for years.

I really enjoyed Jake Arrieta tonight (don’t worry he’s now out of the game), he had almost old school Jake command, after the first inning sat down 15 consecutive batters and looked like he could have kept going before getting pulled after 100 pitches. Nothing I would love more than the offense getting hot at the same time as the pitching turning the corner and all coming together. What a lovely day that will be for everyone.

I have not even had the opportunity to let Ian Happ sink in, Jason Heyward who seems to be making consistently hard solid contact batting .266 (as of right now with 3 hits in this game) be my I told you so moment and ok, ok Chipper you were right about Brett Anderson. Still waiting for the 6 man rotation announcement and also anxious to see which one of the rumors in the mill come to fruition about who the Cubs pursue before the trade deadline. Lots to be excited about (if you caught yourself doubting anything, dont worry I wont make you confess to that) and this season isn’t anywhere close to being over. Its great to be a Cubs fan, win, lose or something in between. Until next time…….. ~Bryz

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