Humble Confidence

The 4th best player in baseball today per MLB network is our own Kris Bryant. He is behind Josh Donaldson, Clayton Kershaw and Mike Trout (3,2,1 respectively). Kris Bryant, who has only been in the league since April of 2015, already has quite the trophy room. Greg Amsinger made the comment that KB stays in the 3 top player rotation (of their top 100 players in baseball) for many years to come. How can he not? As a rookie he controversially made the comment that all he does every at bat is try to elevate the ball. Not gonna lie, that was a bit scary to hear from such a young player but time and time again he has showed his inside quickness and his in game adjustments make him one of the most dangerous hitters in the game today. Here’s the kicker….. He said he has improved since last year!?!? What? How is that even possible? Defensively he is most strong at the hot corner but has showed he can handle the outfield (any of the 3 spots in the outfield) and his long frame allows him to knock down, dive, and snag just about any ball hit his direction. His reaction time and accuracy is a natural tool that has clearly been developed and tweaked over the years, plain and simple he makes it look easy. I think the biggest thing that stands out to me is his personality. He could not be more of a human being. He is that young man that asked if he could mow your lawn, he is that young man that holds the door for you, he is that young man you dream your daughter brings home (aside from the contract and endorsement deals this man will sign). He has definitely become a fan favorite and someone I have zero issue proclaiming a franchise player and baseball God willing, a Cub for life. I often wonder what kind of clubhouse leader he will evolve into. He seems to be soaking it all in right now and being the youth of this team but between his work ethic and extreme relatable personality, I hope he knows the role he will need to fill as the future of this team.

Some other fun facts about MLB Networks Top 100 player run down…. There were 10 Cubs on the list. And Bryce Harper and Kris Bryant’s friendship was mentioned 2 times. Makes you wonder why doesn’t it…….

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