Hitting the Home Stretch

Things are starting to come together.  Of course I am talking about the extensions that have been signed since my last blog came to you. White Sox and Cardinals have both signed major pieces on their rosters (one yet to be named a major leaguer but that’s neither here nor there, his impact will be great at some point) and the rumor mill is swirling on a couple other extensions in the works as well.  And here we sit, no Rizzo, no Bryant, no Baez. And with the season right around the corner, chances are the discussion of any of these actually happening is only going to be handled by blogs and twitter, not actually the folks it should be handled by. Am I disappointed? Aren’t you? We have been given many things to second guess in the past several months and this just adds to that list.  Why wasn’t the front office able to get one of these taken care of? Hopefully they have something good and big up their sleeves because we are waiting for it, and we are going to need it.


I had the opportunity to watch a couple games over the last couple days, both the “A” side and the “B” side.   Pitching looked surprisingly good, between Quintana, Chatwood, Edwards Jr, and even Underwood Jr. on the “B” side.  I was the most pleased and optimistic about Chatwood. He had some great movement and was hitting 95 pretty consistently on the gun.  It was also mentioned that he had only walked 4 batters out of 49 batters faced in spring training prior to that appearance (and he struck out 1 and got two to fly out yesterday) which compared to what he was doing in the regular season last year, it hardly looked like the same guy.  It would be a very welcome addition to have him come from the bullpen with the stuff I saw. I know, I know, I can hear my inner Chipper saying its Spring Training it doesn’t matter but comparing this to what we know of Chatwood, I need something positive to hold on to right now.


Two weeks from Monday, I will attend only my 2 home opener at Wrigley Field.  As I have gotten older, I have realized how amazing and symbolic this day is. It’s the sign of so many things.  Another season I get to root for my favorite team, another summer of ups and downs, trips with friends who have never been to Wrigley, sharing my knowledge of Wrigleyville, catching up with old friends, meeting up with new friends, the cracking sound of the bat hitting the ball, the smells of food and beer.  The angelic and heavenly feeling when you walk up to Wrigley the first time that year. There is plenty to complain about this off season, but stop for a second and remember all that we have to celebrate, not only that our sport is about to enter another season, but as fans of baseball and fans of the Chicago Cubs.  Its the best time of year, celebrate that we are about to kick off the 2019 season of the Chicago Cubs. Until next time………….Bryz

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