D Peat

What a way to start the season. I found myself using the oh so well known saying “defense wins games” quite a bit the first 2 games. Game #2 is the perfect example of what that saying references. From Heyward’s catch in right, to KB’s play up the 3rd base line, Albert “Air” Almora and lets not forget Javy Baez, this defense is what dreams are made of. And I say this because defense is such an underrated part of the game. It’s becoming more popular and many would argue that this Chicago Cubs team is make defense more glamorous. In 2016 they garnered the 3rd best defensive team with 82 defensive runs saved, a Stat that’s only been calculated since 2002 but telling none the less. Also in 2016, Jason Heyward received a Gold Glove with a league high 14 defensive runs saved for outfielders and Anthony Rizzo received a gold glove and the top defensive honors for the national league the rawlings Platinum glove with 11 defensive runs saved. These amazing honors are definitely just the beginning of the accolades the team should receive in the coming years. The glove and footwork of Almora in center will be hard to ignore and we won’t even have to mention the infield glove work of KB, Russell and Baez who make the most unlikely plays look effortless. These kids are so fun to watch, even if you’re not a fan you can’t help but appreciate their talent and skill. We have seen 2 games this season and numerous stellar defensive plays, some overshadowed by others but wow if this is a preview of the things to come this season, we are in for a ride. And hopefully lots more hardware….

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