Way Too Snubbed

Today an article from an ESPN baseball writer came out that inspired me to lose my cool via blog. The title itself was enough to ALMOST make me throw my phone (hey its been a slow off season). “Way Too Early 2018 All-Star Predictions: Yu Darvish 1 of 3 Cubs Players”. I try not to make it a habit of bashing other people’s work but it is completely called for in this case. This writer names Kris Bryant, Javy Baez and Yu Darvish the 3 Cubs that are All Stars this year. Oh let’s not forget he has Rizzo at the end of a line of 4 other 1st basemen back ups. No other pitchers, no Willson Contreras nod (he states Buster Posey will edge out Yadier Molina), no Jason Heyward (his glove people, focus), no other Cubs. But he has Bryce Harper next to Marcell Ozuna and Tommy Pham in the outfield. Nope, not a typo. Ozuna, believable, Pham, not so much. These are starters people, while our Cubs…. all reserves. Yes those positions are stacked but the outfield is too, especially to name Pham a starter. We get no love.

Listen, I’m all about recognizing talent outside of the Chicago Cubs, there is plenty of it. But to not have so many players who happen to play for a team that has a pretty large fan base behind them (his reasoning for Pham, if he starts the season hot Cardinals fans will vote big for him). You think if the new and improved Schwarber doesn’t attract some attention or Willson Contreras continues to win over fans, they couldn’t give either of their positions a run for their money? Jason Heyward? Jon Lester? Jose Quintana? Kyle Hendricks? I mean I get it, I sound like quite the homer right now, but think about it. These guys would be stars no matter where they go, it’s just a shame they can’t get the respect they deserve in Cubbie blue. And I hope they are paying attention because if this isn’t added motivation, I don’t know what is. Until next time…….. Bryz

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