Rivalries & Quintana, Yes I Wrote a Blog

Ok, its September, what better time to jump back in the “game”. Only a month of baseball left
and I’m here for it.

First things, I need to get something off my chest. Why, as a fan of any team, are you spending
your hard-earned money on shirts, flags, ANYTHING that show a displeasure for another team
rather than supporting your own? I will never understand that. To each their own, I guess, but
did anyone notice how BIG that “L” flag at Miller Park was that some poor schmuck spent
money to buy or make? I don’t recall seeing that monstrosity at one of the Cubs losses at
Miller that was in attendance for, so that means you own that flag to be able to display 4 times
(Milwaukee has defeated the Cubs 5 total times at Miller this season)? All I can do is shake my
head. And all the stats about attendance for the Brewers and how the Cubs have or have not
contributed to their numbers, placing in the top 10 in attendance, so on and so forth, it all seems
a bit desperate and grasping for straws. Rivalries aren’t about talking the talk, they are about
showing up, and based on that, well you saw Rizzo’s homerun on Monday.

It’s really hard to watch this Cubs team play the kind of baseball they played last night
(Tuesday). I did something I have never done before (or it’s been so long that I can’t recall a
time I have done it). I turned off the game in the 6 th inning. There was no energy, no fight and I
just felt like there was no coming back, and this was when the game was 7-1. I was ashamed of
myself. What kind of fan am I? There have been so many times this team has come back and
at least made things interesting. I just knew, last night was not one of those nights. It’s easy to
get comfortable having been in first for a while but something I have learned many times the
hard way. Never talk smack. The second you do, you end up in 3 rd . Let’s just finish off this
series strong and keep rolling, all we can do now.

Jose Quintana can win an important game tonight. I won’t say “must win” or “deciding” game but an
important one none the less. Currently sporting a 4.21 ERA and coming off a 7 strikeout no decision
against the Phillies, he has great numbers against the Brewers (they have a .210 batting average with
262 at bats against Quintana). The only problem with him this year, he’s consistently inconsistent. And
yes, that is a big problem. I wouldn’t be comfortable calling him trustworthy if he was able to pull a
solid performance tonight, and that is still loosely defined as his last 3 starts he has only logged 16
innings total. But he would help me feel better about handing him the ball in high pressure situations
being that tonight might be the first real tension the Cubs have experienced, game wise. We will see
how he handles it, and how his offense does too. Until next time…………Bryz

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