As of evening of 10.9.17


Game 3 in the books. October baseball in full swing.  I honestly can’t remember what not playing in October feels like.  These past couple years have been enough to make me forget it all.  Tonight was enough to make me forget it all.


When the text for this afternoon’s lineup came out, I’m not gonna lie, I felt even more sick to my stomach than I already did, nerves were getting best of me.  I am an intense baseball fan, rarely do I watch an entire game sitting down or without obscenities.  I love this team, every single one of them, but there are certain guys I like in big games better than others.  There are certain guys that have not come up big the last 2 weeks that I did not want to see in this game.  But like I have said a million times, I will not act like my puny brain works better than that of Joe Maddon in the profession of managing a major league baseball team.  There were a few things we had going for us tonight, Dusty Baker is the manager of the other team and Scherzer was on a 100 pitch count.  The two combined had to work in our favor at some point in this game.  What I didn’t see coming was our defense committing 4 errors in this game.  Whats is really special, is that we could still pull out a huge win at home to take a 2-1 series lead going into game 4 tomorrow at the friendly confines.


Jose Quintana was an absolute beast today.  He made the Washington offense look off balance and uneasy.  He was poised and controlled.  He acted like he had been there before even though this was his first ever playoff start.  The Quintana that was on the bump tonight was the Q that we hoped we were getting when we traded for him in July.  Zero earned runs, 7 strikeouts and 2 hits.  Some key stats, their 1-4 hitters were 0 for 16 with 5 strikeouts.  These names include the speedy Trea Turner, Harper, Rendon and Cub killer Daniel Murphy who scored their only run after reaching third on a 2 error play by Kyle Schwarber in left.  One of the more painful plays I have seen him attempt since he’s been playing leftfield.  Thankfully his teammates picked him up in a huge way.  Pedro Strop had an inning and a third of great work with a strikeout, Carl Edwards Jr had a huge redeeming strikeout against Bryce Harper in his 1 full inning of work, and Wade Davis, well, he was Wade Davis.  Zobrist made up for his fielding error by getting the Cubs first hit off of Scherzer in the 7th, a double, which would eventually signal the end of the night for Max.  Tied up in the 8th, Rizzo, hits a bloop into the Bermuda Triangle and Martin scores the winning run.  Folks, THIS is how playoff baseball is supposed to be.  Pitchers duel with a little offense, just enough for someone to win, in this case, the good guys.


There was quite the issue Saturday evening, when Cubs fans entering Nationals Park began to report back that they were confiscating “W” flags at the gate.  How and why?  Pictures surfaced of the Cubs fans filling out claim checks for the their flags upon entering.  It was sad and made us all wonder, why?  I happened to be pulled into a Washington Nationals tweet by a follower and many Nationals fans said the flags were distracting and obstruct their views at the game.  But these beautiful W’s don’t come out until the game is over and we have in fact sealed a win.  Another Washington Nationals fan said they were too big, but again, how would you know this unless you waited until after the game and watched Cubs fans celebrate on Friday? I get not wanting to have another team celebrate on your field, that’s never fun.  But there’s a better way to make sure the visiting team doesn’t get to do that.  Hopefully we can show them exactly what that means and just how big “W” flags can get.  Until next time…….Bryz

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