In 9 2/3 innings Keegan Thompson has given up no earned runs, only four hits, walked two, and struck out ten! He has easily been one of the best surprises so far this year for the Cubs. 

Keegan came into this season trying to improve on a decent rookie season where he posted a 3.38 ERA in 53 1/3 innings pitched. 

What seems to be the difference this season compared to last is his swagger. Obviously, as a rookie when you get the call, you are of full nerves and walking on air at the same time. I’m not saying he didn’t have the swag last year, but something seems to have clicked for him on the mound and he knows it. Just look at the expression on his face when he got thrown out after hitting McCutchen this past weekend

It is no secret about the Cubs struggles with developing major league pitching. The last few years they have changed their approach in the draft, and focused on getting the best young arms that they could. Keegan Thompson is the first product of the new direction the ball club has decided to go down. Keegan is here and it looks like he is going to stay for awhile. 


Feature Image : Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports