The Cubs finally got their closer! As the Cubs played the Rockies on Wednesday evening news had broke that they had reached an agreement with All-Star closer Craig Kimbrel for a 3 year $43 million deal.

It has been no secret that the Cubs biggest weakness this season has been their bullpen. With the absence of Brandon Morrow (he is still only throwing on flat ground) and the nagging hamstring injuries of Pedro Strop, the Cubs have relied on other bullpen guys they have like Steve Cishek, Brandon Kintzler, Carl Edwards Jr, and Brad Brach. All had their ups and downs (except Brach, he has always been down) but what do you expect from guys who weren’t brought in to be closers? They are there to be set up guys for Morrow or Strop.

What is the most frustrating part of this whole bullpen issue is that even with the struggles and blown saves the Cubs are still in First Place in the National League Central Division. The Cubs have played 60 games and had 25 save opportunities in those games. Out of those 25 games the Cubs have blown 12 saves! Yes, blown saves happen no matter who your closer is so just take away 6 of those and the Cubs would be sitting really good at the top of this division.

Craig Kimbrel has made the All Star game 7 times in his 9 year career. He has 333 career saves and a career ERA of 1.91. This is the move the Cubs needed to make. They need someone they can rely on in the 9th inning. Someone to come in and set an order to this bullpen. Craig Kimbrel is that guy! When he joins this team he will be in charge of the 9th inning, Strop will have the 8th, Cishek will have the 7th, and the other guys will fill in when needed. This move makes the Cubs that much better. This makes them the favorite in the Division and gives them a legit shot to get back to the Series! Craig Kimbrel is the Cubs Closer! I love the sound of that!!

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