You Go, We Go; The Cubs Have Their Lead-off Hitter

Spring Training may have just started, but it sounds like we already know who the Cubs lead-off hitter will be Opening Day:


It is no secret that the Cubs have been looking for a solid lead-off hitter since Dexter Fowler left for St. Louis. 

Bryant is a very logical choice, all he does is get on base. He has a career OBP of .385 and a walk rate of 11.9%. These numbers are something the previous lead-off hitters since Fowler could not produce. 

Something else that stands out with Bryant is his BAbip (batting average on balls in play), he has posted a .342 so far in his career. For comparison, the best player of our generation, Mike Trout has a career BAbip of .348. So between the walks and hits, Bryan should have no problem getting on base ahead of the other big bats in the lineup.


Speaking of…

Here is what the lineup will most likely look like come Opening Day:


  1. Bryant
  2. Rizzo
  3. Baez
  4. Schwarber
  5. Contreras
  6. Happ
  7. Heyward
  8. Bote/Kipnis


I stand by what I have said the last couple weeks on the podcast, this offense is going to be good. It is the last thing that we should worry about when it comes to this team and now with Bryant being the lead-off hitter, it just confirms my thoughts even more.


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Cover Photo: Armando L. Sanchez/Chicago Tribune

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