The Cardinal Way, Bryant Back In The Lineup, and Top Prospect Adell Called Up

The St. Louis Cardinals have a problem:

After the Marlins situation, which seems to be headed in the right direction, it is easy to look at the Cardinals and ask if this could have been avoided?

Jon Heyman put out a very vague, but eye popping tweet that some Cardinal players left their team hotel and went to a casino:

If this is true, then that is very troubling news. I reached out to Derrick Gould of the St. Louis Post Dispatch and asked him if he had an opinion on the Heyman tweet. Gould mentioned that he did not want to report something without knowing the full details. That he was not sure if it was in Milwaukee, Minnesota, or even in St. Louis. He also mentioned that some players went to a concert in St. Louis according to their social medias. Now MLB has changed their policy on players leaving the team hotel room while on the road. It was strongly discouraged, but after all of this they have said no more. Players have to remain in their rooms while at the hotel. The Cardinals series against the Tigers that was suppose to start tonight has been postponed and the next scheduled game for them is Friday when they host the Cubs at Busch Stadium. We will see if they can make it that far without anymore problems.

Another fallout of this outbreak with the Cardinals:

Ken says it is not because of the positive test by the Cardinals, but with the game being scheduled to be played next week, I have my doubts that there really is another reason.

Some good news! Kris Bryant is back in the lineup tonight, as the Cubs start a series against the Kansas City Royals. He was dealing with stomach issues the last few days and was taking all the right precautions and had multiple negative test for covid-19. This is something you like to see players doing. Take the right precautions when they are showing symptoms and staying away from the ballpark. It is moves like what Bryant and Joey Votto did that will keep this season going.

Other exciting baseball news today:

Adell is the Angels top prospect. It was only matter of time that he got the call and he should stay with this team through out the rest of season. Thinking about Mike Trout and Jo Adell back to back in the lineup for years, makes me glad that the Cubs do not play in the American League West.


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