It Is Extension Season! First Yelich, Now How About Baez and Bryant?

According to Ken Rosenthal on Twitter:


And then Mark Feinsand put out what he is hearing when it comes to years:

I have said in the past that Spring Training is usually the time that we see extensions signed, for example, last year we saw Nolan Arenado and Mike Trout both sign extensions before the season started.. So this deal really is not all that surprising. 

Christian Yelich has been one of the best players in MLB over the last two years. He was traded to Milwaukee before the 2018 season and has been a show of force since. It was smart of the Brewers to lock him down, but a contract that pays him $27M yr, well into his thirties is very risky for a small market team like the Brewers.

Now the question on every Cub fans mind now is the Javy Baez extension. If a player like Yelich, a former MVP, can get 7 years $188M, then what about Javy? 

It would not be surprising if a Javy extension looked similar to Yelich’s. Javy is one year younger than Yelich, but they are pretty much the same type of players. They are the heart and soul of their teams and on most occasions carry their teams for weeks during the season. So a 7 year $170-$180M deal is not out of the question for Javy. 

The Yelich news also gives us an idea of what a Kris Bryant extension could look like. I think it is safe to say, that majority of baseball people believe that in the long run Kris Bryant has been and will be a better player than Christian Yelich, so it should be no surprise to most that a Bryant extension could be somewhere in the range of 7 years $210M. That is a very fair deal for both sides and it should get the job done.

I strongly believe that a Javy extension is going to happen before Opening Day, but wouldn’t it be great if a Bryant one got done also?



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