Could Julio Teheran Be A Rotation Option?

Let’s talk Julio Teheran. According to David O’Brien of The Athletic, the Atlanta Braves declines Teheran’s $12M option and offered him a Qualifying Offer, which is set at $17.8M.

So what does this mean for the Cubs? Well the Cubs did not offer Cole Hamels a QO, which means that a spot in the 2020 rotation is open. (I believe Chatwood stays in the bullpen in 2020) 

Teheran would be an interesting option in the Cubs rotation.  Last season he posted a 3.81 ERA in 174.2 innings. He also had a WHIP of 1.323, but the year before his WHIP was 1.173. I’m not saying he would be a top of the rotation guy in any means. The Cubs rotation sits as follows, Darvish, Hendricks,Quintana, and Lester. Teheran could easily slide into that fifth spot into the rotation and not have a lot of pressure on him. Because of that he could relax and would have a better chance of finding his All-Star form.

The potential is still there with him, and the price could be also. You have to imagine that he will be asking for less than his option was for, $12M, I’m thinking in the ballpark of $4-$5M. That’s a deal the cash strapped Cubs could do. A change of scenery could also be good for him, and are the Cubs that change he needs? We will find that out as the offseason unfolds.


Cover Image- Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

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